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  • Where are your showrooms located at?
    We have 3 brances. Our main mega-showroom is at 17 Ubi Crescent, S408576 and our showroom is at 261A/C Changi Road, S419748 and Hupfarri Hardware is at 265 Changi Road, S419750.
  • What are your operating hours?
    Operating hours are Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm Sunday: 11am -6pm. We are closed on all public holidays.
  • Is there free parking at your showrooms?
    Yes we do! However, parking space might be limited during peak periods. There are parking options in and around our vicinity for all our outlets.
  • I have a question/feedback, whom can I contact?"
    For immediate response, you can call our sales line at +65 67428433. Alternaitvely, you may also email us at or connect with us on Facebook messenger at 'Hupfarri OttO’.
  • Do you only sell bathroom products?
    No. We also retail kitchen products like sinks, hobs, hood, oven along with ceiling fans and lighting fixtures.
  • Is the 'OttO' brand from Hupfarri?
    Yes! OttO is an in-house Singapore brand. Our products are specifically tested for quality assurances and we have been in Singapore since 2006!
  • Where are your 'OttO' products made?
    Our products are assembled in China with cartridge and spare parts made in Europe (Hungary and Spain) and Asia (Korea).
  • I purchased my 'OttO' product a few days back and it hasn’t been installed yet. Can I still make an exchange?
    Products are exchangeable as long as the items had not been installed, packaging is not damaged, proof of purchase is intact and all relevant items are accounted for at the time of purchase. A service fee of SGD40 will be charged should you require us to deliver and collect the items for you.
  • I purchased my 'OttO' product a few days back and it is already installed. Can I still make an exchange?
    Before you install any of our products, customers should make one last check as any products installed thereafter is considered un-exchangable and parts not covered under warranty will not be covered/exchanged. For exchanges, please ensure you have the relevant documents (receipts and/or invoice), packaging (in good condition) and product (in original condition) for easy processing.
  • My basin and toilet bowl colours don't match, can I have it changed after installation?"
    No. Any product installed will not be refunded/exchanged. Our sales representative will be more than willing to advise prior to purchase.
  • Why does the shade of colour vary for different products? Aren't all 'white' the same?
    Product might vary in colour and size slightly due to manufacturing processes. The best advice is to always check with our sales representatives and do a final inspection before installation at your place.
  • I bought a product from your showroom that isn't under the 'OttO' brand. Can I still receive warranty?
    Do ensure the brand you’ve purchased from us does indeed carry a warranty. If so, follow the brand's instructions to register your products under warranty.
  • Who is valid to receive OttO’s product warranty?
    Warranty stated here is only valid for customers who bought our ‘OttO’ branded products from our showroom or from our authorised distributors/designers.
  • What steps do I need to take to register my warranty?
    1) After purchase, please fill up your warranty card and mail the half titled ‘To be mailed to OttO Customer Care Centre’ to us with an affixed stamp. 2) Ensure the other half titled ‘customer’s copy’ is filled up and retained together with your original proof of purchase.
  • I would like to claim my warranty due to a product fault, how should I proceed?"
    Email us a picture and/or video of your fault to
  • What are the terms and conditions of your warranty?
    1. Our limited warranty is only valid with the presentation of a warranty card and receipt to our repairmen on the day of repair. ​ 2. Warranty covers the following only:​ 3. OttO’s warranty is valid for residential installations in Singapore only.​​ ​ 4. Warranty is only valid if the warranty card presented is valid, registered (mailed and received by OttO Customer Care Centre) and dated according to the invoice issued. 5. New replacements do not carry a new warranty ​ 6. OttO’s warranty do not extend to Defects caused by inappropriate installation, misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, natural calamities or other acts of vandalism not-stated otherwise, onto your purchased OttO product. Faults/damage due to lack of care of product such as contamination of strainers, aerators, dirt & lime scale.Loss or Damage to household fittings/furniture due to loss of use, malfunction, defect and leakage from OttO products. ​ 7. Any part of the product that is dismantled, changed, modified and/or repaired on by other vendors/persons other than an authorised technician or agents of OttO will have the warranty deemed voice. ​ 8. Hupfarri reserve the right to amend any part of it’s warranty services and terms at it’s own discretion. For clarification, drop our customer care hotline at +65 67429551, Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm or email us at for more details.
  • My warranty card was mailed out but the customer service officer did not receive it, what should I do now?"
    In an event your card was lost in the mail, ensure that your original proof of purchase is with you and email us at for more details.
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