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Types of showers available in-store


  • Shower sets inclusive of sliding bar, shower head and stainless steel hose

  • Available in brass chrome material

  • Some sliding bars are adjustable, accommodating bathrooms of different heights and makes it suitable for easy replacement

  • Shower heads only are also available as replacement, ranging from 1 to 5 functions

    • Common functions include: Full body (high pressure), full body (low pressure), power spray, mist, full body + power spray


  • Rainshower sets inclusive of sliding bar, shower head, stainless steel hose and rainshower top plate along with mixer faucet

  • Available in brass chrome, stainless steel, matt black, rose gold, gold or gunblack

  • Overhead rainshower providing for luxurious showering experience


Shower/bath mixer faucets or two-way taps if not already included in the set

BK GUN 7005-88-T.png

Model: GUN 7005-88

Water Heaters

Types of water heaters available in-store


Model: Joven JH25


  • Water is drawn from pre-heated tank allowing ready supply of hot water

  • Consistent temperature when in use

  • Recommended for rainshower installation to allow for good water pressure

  • Well planned and more elaborate piping works needed to ensure hot water is supplied to all necessary water points

  • Available in different size ranging from 15L to 95L


Model: Fujioh FZ-WH5033D-BL


  • Hot water provided instantly without having to wait for pre-heat time

  • Inconsistent water temperatures sometimes

  • Takes up less space

  • Lower water pressure and might not be able to support rainshower

  • Can come with shower or rainshower set

Not recommended: Gas Heaters

  • Difficult to replace and incurs high replacement cost

  • Low water pressure

  • Low security measures against gas leaks

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