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5 must-haves for your bathroom

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Think you got everything you need in your home? Think again! When it comes to renovation, bathrooms might not be the first thing on your mind but don’t neglect that the items you place inside makes all the difference to comfortable living.

These little things often go unnoticed but that’s why we are here to help you complete that dream home you didn’t know you were missing out on. Read on to find out what we think are must-gets in your bathroom!


We all love things that have dual functions! So instead of getting just a mirror to check yourself out, double it up with a mirror cabinet so that you can keep both your grooming and your items in check.

We place more items than we think in our bathroom. From the necessities like toilet paper to the little things like razors, make up and cotton pads, where should these things go anyway? No more fuss about the lack of organisation and space to put things when everything is tucked neatly and out of sight in your mirror cabinet.

Protected behind the doors of the mirror cabinet, your items will be kept away from the moisture of the bathroom and stay dry! This is especially perfect for toilet cleaning – don’t we all understand the pain of accidentally wetting your toilet paper roll while cleaning the toilet? No more wet toilet papers, more storage space for several toilet paper rolls!


OttO 50607 Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf
OttO 50607 Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf

Advancing in status of must-have essentials is the toilet paper holder that comes with a shelf (say yes to dual functioning items!).

Whoever invented this definitely understood the needs of the current generation of smartphone super-users! I mean who isn’t bringing their phones with them into their bathroom nowadays?

They offer great accompaniment to our time in the toilet be it keeping us occupied while we go about our business or playing us some great beats as we shower.

The real question is where are people placing their phones? Wherever it is, it always seems to be in a precarious position, ready to fall at any time and worse make a perfect dive right into the toilet bowl.

With the shelf located conveniently on top of the toilet paper holder, you now have a safe and legitimate place to place your phone. A special dedicated place for that good bathroom companion.

Maybe your good bathroom companion isn’t a phone but a speaker, magazine or a book? The shelf has a big enough space for you to place them as well!


OttO F180614 Towel Rack
OttO F180614 Towel Rack

Ever felt that a single towel bar just isn’t enough? With a towel rack, you now have a stable surface to put items like clothes or fresh towels (notice the plural) instead of just one towel hanging by the towel bar. Are we getting on to the trend of dual functioning items and realising why they are great?

It’s all about creating surfaces to place things you don’t realise you tend to bring into the bathroom. Take fresh clothes for change after a shower for example, where do you usually place these?

No more trying to balance all your clothes onto a single hook or bar and making sure they don’t fall onto the wet floor. When you have a towel rack, you can neatly and securely place all your clothes there, keeping them readily dry and within reach.


We don’t know when toilet paper hoarders are going to prevent us from getting our share of toilet paper again. But, we can ready ourselves with alternatives like a bidet spray!

By installing a bidet spray, you now have more choices – washing or wiping and maybe even both if we want to be extra squeaky clean. This way, we can still keep hygiene in check without worrying about running out of toilet paper.

Wondering if the bidet spray doubles up for something else? Definitely! It is also a useful tool for you to clean your bathroom as well, achieving cleanliness for you in all forms!


Last but definitely not the least, here’s a little something extra – rainshowers! The best kind of shower experience there is and the one that makes it feel like you’re showering in a 5-star hotel.

With water pelting down from above, the feeling of using a rainshower is unlike no other and soothes your soul in ways you can’t imagine.

Still not convinced? This might change your mind on why rainshowers are absolutely great!

Feeling like you’re missing out on the goodness of these items? It’s definitely not too late to get them fixed in your bathroom or consider adding them to your renovation shopping list.


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