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5 Tips for Choosing your Toilet Bowl

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Choosing the right toilet bowl (AKA water closet) is important.

It is not difficult to buy a toilet bowl in Singapore. There are many bathroom warehouses that offer similar looking models. While they are abundant, so to are their quality and make.

We use our toilet bowls daily .

A typical lifespan of a toilet bowl may last 30 - 40 years if used properly! A well-maintained toilet bowls may even last a several decades with little maintenance.

When choosing a toilet bowl, quality is as important as price.

This article will lay out 5 tips when it comes to choosing the right toilet bowl.



Vitreous china is a durable material with high glass content. Also known as porcelain, it is a suitable material for your water closet as it absorbs 0.5% of moisture. Being durable and water resistant, vitreous china water closet can last a long time. With most water closet glazed, it eliminates rogue moisture from seeping in.

The quality of a water closet depends on it's glazing. Ensure that the inner tank contains a quality control chop. Always ask about how strict a warehouse is on it's quality control. Read reviews and look out for comments about peeling and cracks.

As a precaution, do not choose any other materials such as plastic, enamel or steel. They are either uncomfortable or fragile to use for long term.


The first obvious design is a one-piece, two-piece and wall hung toilet bowl.

A one-piece toilet bowl is larger and more comfortable. Whereas a two-piece toilet bowl is cheap and compact. Both are found in all developments.

Private estates may use wall hung toilet bowls. Plumbing and flush system are more complex for this design.

There is no right toilet bowl for your bathroom. Instead, tale measurements to ensure your bathroom can accommodate the right kind.

The rule of thumb is to always check with your plumber, architect or designer before purchase.

Find out more about the differences between a one-piece and two-piece toilet bowl here.


"Made in China" is usually met with skeptical looks.

We assume it is of inferior quality as compared to Japanese made products. This is a common misconception. The quality boils down to how stringent quality checks are. Speciality of the country of manufacturing is also important.

Ceramic products made in China and Vietnam are usually higher in quality. Europe, Korea and Japan produces better mechanisms found inside your toilet bowl tank. A good toilet bowl will have parts from various regions to ensure everything works well.


Did you know that there are close to 18 shades of white? Hues that are found commonly in bathrooms are white, ivory and peach (yes, peach is considered white too!).

Ensure that the colour of your water closet matches your bathroom theme. Personal inspection when the product arrives is essential before installation. Always flag out any mistakes immediately to the delivery team.


When you are satisfied with your toilet bowl selection, be present in the course of installation and delivery. It is usually acceptable to return a toilet bowl if there are any discrepancies. Before the delivery team leaves, highlight the matter to the delivery personnel.

It rarely happens, but hairline cracks do form and that is acceptable. However, if you see a web of cracks or a deep crack, it is advisable to flag it to the delivery team as well.

Do not take chances when installing a toilet bowl as it will be permanent after installation. Be present and spend 5-10mins on your checks to prevent any inconveniences after.


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