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Don't Forget About Lighting

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Out of sight, out of mind – are you forgetting something in your new home? As they are usually hanging above us, we tend to forget about them and how important it is to have a good lighting plan.

Yes, that’s right! Most of us tend to forget about lighting plans while busying ourselves ahead with other furniture pieces like bathroom and kitchen products.

However, do take note that lighting is absolutely essential in our homes as they help to build an ambience and create an environment that we would want to live in.


When choosing lighting for your home, keep these in mind:


There are 4 main types of lighting available and you would need a mixture to illuminate your home.

A. General

General lighting acts as the main source of illumination for your home. Choosing general lighting is extremely important as it will help to ensure that your home will be well-lit in low light conditions or at night. This is essential for your everyday life as nobody would like to grope in the darkness in their own home.

General lighting should be utilised all over the house – living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet and even your storage room.

B. Task

Task lighting helps to focus light on areas where specific activities are needed. One such example would be your table lamp that aids you on your study table in addition to the general lighting that is already in place.

Having task lighting is essential in these activities as it would aid in your vision in the long run where by deterring against the spoiling of your eyesight.

To list a few activities that require task lighting: reading, the use of your computer, cooking, hobbies such as knitting and sewing.

C. Ambient

Ambient lighting is used to add to the atmosphere of your home. This comes into handy especially in the bedroom where you might want to tone down from the bright general lighting before bed. This is where ambient light comes into handy. In instance, you could have a warm orange ambient light installed in your bedroom for your eyes to get used to before turning in for the night.

The same goes for the morning. If you or your family members have to get up before the sun rises, having an ambient light would help to ease them out of their sleep compared to a rude awakening by general lighting.

D. Accent

Accent lighting is used to accent objects you might have for decoration. Such lighting help to beautify objects or paintings you have on display, allowing them to appear more striking in your home.


The style of the lighting is also essential to accentuate your home! Think chandelier in your living room or pseudo-candles above your dining table. These styles are what adds to the whole mood of your everyday life.

Here are some of the different styles of lighting available: pendant lights, ceiling lights, track lights, downlights, wall lights and lamps (note that this list is not exhaustive).

Pendant lights would be more suitable for the living room and the dining area while it would be safer to stick with ceiling lights for your toilet.

Track lights and downlights could be used for accenting or creating ambience in the room.

In case you didn’t know, Hupfarri doesn’t just provide bathroom solutions, we also provide lighting solutions as well!

Gone are the days where you have to scour all over Singapore to gather items for your home. Here at Hupfarri, we offer you all things bathroom, kitchen and ceiling related (yes lights and fans too)!

With the opening of our megastore at Ubi back in 2017, we decided to bring in lighting pieces to provide a wider variety of home appliances for you to choose from.

And now we are pleased to inform that lighting pieces are now available at our Changi branch following the expansion of our Changi store!

What you can expect with the Changi expansion:

  • An immersive experience with the lighting pieces

  • A clutter free space to have a comfortable view

  • Friendly staff to advice you on what lighting is suitable

  • A wide range of lighting pieces to choose from


Next time you are looking for lighting, you know where to go!


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