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Fire it up with Inner Burners

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Inner burners are the latest hot topic when it come to hobs!

“Does this hob have inner flame?”

“I’m looking for hob with inner flame.”

“Been hearing a lot about inner flame, is it better?”

These are some of the many queries we’ve been receiving about hobs and we are here to shed light on all these questions! Read on to find out what exactly this inner burner is and how it helps with cooking.


For an inner burner hob, its burners sit within the top plate and its flames are contained inside the burner. Hence the term inner burner or inner flame referring to the positioning of the flames when ignited.

This is in contrast to a standard hob where the burners sit on top of the top plate and its flames are exposed to the “outside” when ignited.

For a better illustration, refer to the picture below:


With its flames contained inside the burner, they are now protected from the wind! You no longer have to worry about the wind flickering your flames or putting out your small simmering flame (yay to soups!) while you cook.

Inner burners also boast wide flame control allowing you the flexibility to easily adjust to your preferred flame size for that ideal taste.

Furthermore, the concentration of flames within the burner allows for high heat efficiency, helping to heat your pots and pans faster. This means faster cooking and lesser energy consumption!


Going with an inner burner hob? Be extra careful with flame control when transitioning from a standard hob to an inner burner hob!

We might not be used to the higher heat concentration that inner burners provide and would take some time to get used to new knob positions to cook our food. We wouldn’t want to end up accidentally burning food due to a misjudgement on the flame intensity needed (speaking from personal experience, unfortunately).

Peep the inner burner hobs we have in-store and online!


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